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The transmitter and receiver must both have power. Start by replacing the battery in the transmitter. The small light on the transmitter must light up when you push each button. Now make sure that the wall switch, going to this ceiling fan, is turned on. 

If the problem still exist, You need to check the dip switch settings. These small switches are located in both the transmitter and the receiver. The dip switch settings in both parts must match or the transmitter will not communicate with the receiver. If the settings match and the problem still exist, send us the parts for free testing.

  • If your transmitter has 4 dip switches, you can see all possible settings if you  click here .

  Remote Controls - Free Testing 

FREE TESTING : Electronic parts that you purchase, are NOT RETURNABLE,  So before you buy something, you can send us your old transmitter or receiver or both, for free testing. Send to: Ceiling Fan Remote controls     5810 Parr CT.    Damon, TX 77430  -- Please include a note with your name and phone number.


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Troubleshooting & Free Testing

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