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Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

The remote control for a ceiling fan sends signals to a receiver in the fan. The remote control can be a hand held unit or a switch in the wall. The fan receiver, mounted in the fan, will receive the signals from the remote control. The basic system will have a five function remote control, 3 fan speeds, fan off, and the light. The light button will usually control the dimming, in addition to on and off. The fan receiver for this system will be located in the canopy, at the ceiling. The next system will have a six function remote control. All the functions will be identical to the basic system except it will have a reverse button. The  ceiling fan receiver can be located in the canopy, under the top motor housing, or in the switch housing, located below the blades. If the fan receiver is located in the canopy, then this system will have another part called the reversing module. It will be located in the fan. The last system will have a seven function remote control. All functions will be identical to the six function, except that it will have two light systems. The fan receiver location will be identical to the six function and can have a separate reversing module located elsewhere in the fan. 

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These are replacement remote controls and receivers for ceiling fans.

Some part numbers will include: UC7051R, UC7051FM, UC7051RME, UC7052T, UC7053T, UC7066R, UC7067R, UC7067RC, UC7067RK, UC7067GM, UC7068R, UC7070T, UC7078R, UC7040, UC7040T, UC7030T, UC7083T, UC7079T, UC7078T, UC7080T, UC7081T, CHQ8BT7096T, UC9050T, UC9050R, UC9051T, UC7051R, CHQ7081T, CHQ7080T, CHQ7030T, CHQ8BT7030T, CHQ8BT7096T, CHQ8BT7053T, CHQ7096T, Fan-HD, UC7078T, UC7078R, UC7058FM, UC7058RY, UC7058R, UC7058RH, UC7078R, UC7058GM, UC7058RLC, UC7058RLCK, UC7058RLCB, UC7301R, UC7301R-01, G9P2BTAUC7052T, CHQ8BT7053T, CHQ8BT7030T, UC7848T, 85094-01, 85094-02, 85094-04, 85095-01, 85095-02, 85095-03, 85095-04,  CP7848T, 27187, 27188, 27185, 27186, 27187,  84592, 85752-01, 85752, 85275-01, W72, W73, 85782, 85782, 85795, 85795, 87782-01, 87075-01, 84368, 85772, 85773, 85482-01, 85482-04, 85483-01, 85483-04, 85483-05, 87075, 87075-01,  86612, 85612, 85068-02, 85068-00-802, 85772-01, 75145-04, 85112-01, 85112-02, 85112-03, 85112-04, 75145-04, 89532, 99600,  89309, CP9430R, CP9110R, VT-2002R, 7801750, 7801760, 78018, 7801801000, 99118, 99122, 99123, 87291, K0470-01, 85661, 85662, 74594, 98480X, CBB61, FAN-2R, Fan2r CWE, Fan-10R, Fan-18R, Fan-9T, L3HJAN95FAN2R, L3HFAN35T, FAN30R-240W, MR77A,  FAN28R-240W, FAN-20R, FAN-10R, UC7067KC, UC7067KCB, UC7067KCA, UC7067KAM, UC7067YA, UC7067LM, 7067KCB-62, FD40-H03R, FD40-H02R, Rev-A7067B, Rev-A7067F, Rev-T7067F, Rev-7067C, Rev-7067A, UC7067REVB, UC7067REVF, 98480x, 98480-02, 98480-03, 99245x, PL-190A, PL-190B, PL190b, PL-190C, PL-190D, PL-190E, W-32, W-33, W-84, W-62, W-63, W-64, W-65, W-72, W-73, W-505, W-74, W-52, W-24A, W-24W, W-28A, W-28W, W-41,W-81, UC7058GY, UC7058BM,UC7067RC, UC 9787TB, RH787T, UC7067RK, FR-J786N-01, FR-J786N-04, UC7229T, UC7225T, UC7222T, 51T, RH787T, RH786NRW, FR-A786N-04A, FR-J786N-01A, FR-A786N, FR-J786N, FR-A786N-02, FR-A786N-02, FR-A786N-02, FR-A786N-02, FR-A786N-02, FR-A786N-03, FR-A786N-04, FR-A786N-05, FR-A786N-06, FR-A786N-07, FR-A786N-08, FR-A786N-09, FR-A786N-10, FR-A786N-11, FR-A786N-12, FR-A786N-13, FR-A786N-14, FR-A786N-15, FR-A786N-16, FR-A786N-17, FR-A786N-18, FR-A786N-19, FR-A786N-20, FR-A786N-21, FR-A786N-22, FR-A786N-23, FR-A786N-24, FR-A786N-25, FR-A786N-26, FR-A786N-27, FR-A786N-28, FR-A786N-29, FR-A786N-30, FR-A786N-31, FR-A786N-32, FR-A786N-33, FR-A786N-34, FR-A786N-35, FR-A786N-36, FR-A786N-37, FR-A786N-38, FR-A786N-39, FR-A786N-40, FR-A786N-41, FR-A786N-42, FR-A786N-43, FR-A786N-44, FR-A786N-45, FR-A786N-46, FR-A786N-47, FR-A786N-48, FR-A786N-49, FR-A786N-50, FN666B


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